Tee Pass

Is it possible to lift the acquisition limit for Tee Pass rewards?

There is no limit to leveling up the Tee Pass, but there is a limit regarding up to which level you can obtain rewards.
If you purchase the Tee Pass, all of the limits are unlocked, so you can get various rewards a little faster than by using the free pass. 

When using the free pass, at the start of the tee point season, the limit set is up to tee level 2, and thereafter, the limit is released by 1 level per day and 1 level every 12 hours on weekends. (in UTC)
 Example: On the 1st day of the tee pass season opening, you can obtain up to level 2 of rewards when you first open the Tee Pass, while the 2nd day is limited to the Tee level 3, and if the 5th day falls on a weekend, it is limited to level 7.