What is my member grade within the clan?

A clan consists of up to 50 players, and the players are classified into clan master, clan manager, and clan member.

1. Clan master: A player who creates a clan or has been delegated the clan master and has the greatest decision-making power in the clan.
- Can banish clan manager/clan member 
- Can promote or demote the rank of clan manager/clan member.
- Can invite clan member.
- Can accept/reject clan request.
- Can modify clan settings

2. Clan Manager: Helps the clan master run the clan. There is no limit to the number of clan managers.
- Can banish clan members (clan managers cannot be banished)
- Can invite clan members.
- Can accept/reject clan membership requests.
- Can modify clan settings

3. Clan member: When joining a clan, you become a clan member by default.