Technical questions | troubleshooting

The game freezes or closes abruptly when I play.

Please check the following and solve the problem.

1. Please update the OS version of your mobile device to the latest.
-IOS: Settings > General > Software Update
-Android: Settings > Software Update

2. Please close all unnecessary apps running in the background.
If multiple apps are running at the same time, the system memory may be insufficient and the game may freeze.

3. Please turn off the power of the mobile device to secure memory.

4. Please check if you are using the latest version of Shot Online: Golf Battle from Google Play Store or the App Store.

5. For Android: Tap on Settings> Device Care> Optimize to optimize the device.

6. Please check the minimum specifications of the game. 
If you play the game on a mobile device that is lower than the minimum specifications, the game may freeze, disconnect or close abruptly, and you will not be able to use the game smoothly.

[Minimum specifications for Shot Online: Golf Battle]

If the problem is not resolved, please contact the customer service center. We will promptly verify your inquiry and help you.