In-App Purchases

I can't proceed with the payment.

There may be many reasons why the payment is not being processed normally. Please check the following information:

1. During the payment process, you must have a stable internet connection. If the internet signal is weak or slow, there may be a problem, so a Wi-Fi or at least 3G/4G connection is recommended.
2. If there is a temporary problem with the App Store, or if the payment request cannot be processed due to overload, please try to proceed with the payment again after a few minutes or restart the game.
3. If your card has been lost or blocked, or other information related to the payment such as card expiration date has been changed or entered incorrectly, please delete the payment information and proceed again.

All in-game purchases are handled by the store where you downloaded the game. If the information shown above does not work, please contact the Google Play or App Store Customer Support Center.

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[Go to the App Store Customer Support Center]