In-App Purchases

I did not receive the item I purchased. (Android)

Usually, paid products are delivered by mail immediately after purchase, but payment of products may be delayed due to incomplete payments or network delays. 

Please try to solve the problem through the procedure below.
1. Please check the purchase history (receipt) to see if the payment was successful.
2. Please check if you have accessed the game with the same account used for payment in Google Play.
3. Please restart the game and check the mail again.

If you have checked all of the above but have not received the paid product, please attach a receipt and submit an inquiry through the Shot Online: Golf B

attle Customer Center.

■ How to check your Google Play receipt
When purchasing a product through Google Play, the receipt is automatically sent to the email registered with the Google Play ID. You can check the receipt sent by email or log in to Google Wallet to check your purchase history.

[Go to Google Wallet]

※ In the case of multiple payment errors, you must submit all receipts for each payment.