04/28 Update Notice


Hello, golfers!
We are Shot Online: Golf Battle.

Here is the information regarding the 04/28 Update.

■ Update
1. Clan Wars content has been opened. (Starting May 6th)
- Clan Wars is a cooperative content for clans where clans are ranked for conquering a hole for 3 days, and rewards can be obtained according to the ranking.
- Clan Wars Rules
a. You can earn hole points and participation rewards by selecting and playing a specific hole in the open Clan Wars course.  At that time, you must have a ticket to play the hole. Tickets can be received when the Clan Wars season is open, and tickets will be given after a certain period of time has passed.
b. The clan with the highest number of hole points acquired for each hole will conquer the hole.
c. After the Clan Wars season is over, you can settle the conquered holes and hole points to obtain reward cases and clan points according to your ranking. However, clan members who did not participate in the Clan Wars cannot obtain reward cases.
2. 'Platinum' clan tier has been opened.
The Platinum Tier is given to clans within the top 10% of clan points, and 3 additional trophies can be obtained for winning the tour play.

■ Improvements
1. Improvements have been made so that only unfinished games can be re-entered in the event of a disconnection during a friendly match.
2. The number of survival wins has been improved so that it is displayed for each game mode.
3. The Friends Ranking tab in the League Rankings has been removed.

■ Bug fixes
1. Minor in-game bugs have been fixed.

We hope you have a great time playing Shot Online: Golf Battle.
Thank you.

- Shot Online: Golf Battle Team -