09/30 Update Information

Hello, golfers!
We are Shot Online: Golf Battle.

A new version of game has updated in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For smoother gameplay, please exit the game and download newest version of the game from the market. 

Here is the information regarding the 09/30 Update.

■ Improvements
1. The fairway range of the Tour 1 Breezyhill hole 1 map has been widened, and the bunker location has been adjusted further to the outside, lowering the difficulty.
2. 'Maximum prize for consecutive wins' has been added to the User Profile > Records tab.
3. The ranking criteria policy for the world ranking has been changed.
- 1st place: number of trophies / 2nd place: maximum prize for consecutive wins / 3rd place: the lower the user’s unique ID, the higher the ranking
4. An improvement has been made so that a notification pop-up window appears when there is insufficient device capacity when downloading resources.
5. 1000 separators (,) were added to the numbers displayed on the Profile window for 1on1 Total Prizes, Trophies, Average Prizes, etc.
Example: Total prize in 1on1: 5564400 → 5,564,400
6. The circular UI that appears when the shot gauge is at 100% has been improved so that it adjusts its position and size according to the power.
7. During extended matches, if the opponent's ball is more than 30 yd from the hole, the circular range indicator is not displayed.
8. Modifications haven been made so that the color of the case to be added in Lucky Shot shows better.

■ Bug fixes
1. The issue where the language shown occasionally did not change even after changing the language in Settings has been fixed.
2. A correction has been made to ensure that the ball's target point and collision location was not being specified as the top of a tree.
3. The issue where the tutorial did not play when re-entering the game if the game was closed while the tutorial was in progress has been fixed.
4. The issue where only half of the replay list was displayed when entering Replay > Favorites for the first time has been fixed.
5. The issue where the sound did not play when a hole-out was achieved in Survival has been fixed.
6. The issue where the skill video of the skill training ground did not play on Android devices has been fixed.
7. The issue where the nickname effect remained in the league and world ranking, and in the replay after the end of the Tee Pass season has been fixed.
8. The issue where the effect did not appear when obtaining a victory case has been fixed.
9. The issue where the ball guideline's bounce point was displayed incorrectly at the bunker has been fixed.
10. The issue where the amount won was not displayed in the round results window when the opponent was victorious has been fixed.
11. The issue where the case for which you requested support was also supported when using the Support All function in the Clan menu has been fixed.
12. The issue where the case support request message remained in the clan chat window even after the request was completed has been fixed.
13. The issue where the shot result was not displayed in the simultaneous turn replay if an OB or water hazard occurred during the round has been fixed.
14. The issue where the GPS moved to the OB zone or the camera pointed towards the Tee when the clubs in the main slot and the sub slot were swapped during a round has been fixed.
15. The issue where the close button was not displayed in the pop-up window when entering the customer center on an iOS device has been fixed.
16. The issue where the game did not run on iOS OS version 12 or lower has been fixed.

We hope you have a great time playing Shot Online: Golf Battle.
Thank you.

- Shot Online: Golf Battle Team -