8/26 Update Information


Hello. Golfers!

A new version of game has updated in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

For smoother gameplay, please exit the game and download newest version of the game from the market. 

Here is the information regarding the update on 08/26 (Thursday).

■ Improvements

1. The location of the information display in the clan member profile window has been changed.
2. The issue where the GPS direction rotates whenever a club is changed during the game was improved.
3. Improvements have been made so that master authority is automatically delegated if the clan master has not log in for more than 30 days.
  - Priority when auto-delegating
    ① Users who have accumulated clan points among managers who have logged in within the last 30 days
    ② Users who have the most accumulated clan points among clan members who have logged in within the last 30 days
4. The Favorites function in the replay menu has been improved.
  - The ability to select multiple favorite videos and delete them has been added
  - The issue of not being able to scroll to the bottom when registering more than 10 favorites has been fixed
5. Optimized battery usage for mobile devices.
6. The issue where a red screen appears when changing the resolution with an AOS device has been fixed.
7. Profanity filtering has been improved.
8. The ability to support all chests that are requesting support for a clan at once has been added.
9. PLAY button tutorial has been added.

■ Bug fixes

1. The  limit on the number of times a clan member can receive a T-Pass gift has been fixed.
2. The issue where the trophy acquisition/deduction values ​​for locked tours were displayed incorrectly in the lobby has been fixed.
3. The issue where the guideline value was instantly displayed as 88 when upgrading the putter has been fixed
4. The phenomenon in which the other user cannot proceed with the game  if the shot is taken immediately after the shot result has been fixed.
5. The issue where the trophy value was displayed as 0 when executing clan replay has been fixed
6.  The issue where the UI was not updated after receiving a reward after completing the event quest has been fixed.
7. The phenomenon where the BEST broadcast is not updated in the broadcast in the replay menu has been fixed.
8. The tee position display error in the rules for each tour has been fixed.
9. The issue where the putt was played differently from the actual hit in the replay has been fixed
10. The phenomenon where the putter guideline number was displayed incorrectly in some pop-up windows has been fixed.
11. The issue where 1  tour box was incorrectly displayed when adding a queue to the tour reward slot has been fixed
12. The issue where the message 'cannot find information about user with current turn' was displayed and the user was moved to the lobby after tour matching has been fixed.
13. The phenomenon where the clan chat list was deleted intermittently has been fixed.
14.  The issue where the UI overlapped intermittently when moving the member tab and clan ranking tab of the clan menu has been fixed.
15. The phenomenon where the image overlapped when moving to the bottom of the WORLD ranking menu has been fixed.
16. The phenomenon where the friend profile image is exposed as the default image in the friend ranking list has been fixed.
17. The issue where the clan icon was not displayed in the friend ranking list has been fixed.
18. The issue where the tour values in the Daily Deal sales box were not displayed properly after tour promotion has been fixed.
19. The issue where the tour was not displayed as Complete when obtaining the MAX Trophy in the Max Tour has been fixed.
20. The issue where tour info was not displayed properly when linking accounts after reinstalling the app has been fixed.
21. The issue where the rankings were not displayed normally when  trophies were the same in the world ranking has been fixed.
22. The issue where the round UI indicating the distance from the hole was not displayed properly on some maps has been fixed.
23. The issue where push notifications were displayed for opened boxes using Gems has been fixed.
24. The issue where shots were not possible in certain locations on some maps has been fixed.
25. The phenomenon where the starting direction of the shot was applied in the opposite direction has been fixed.

We hope you have a great time with Shot Online: Golf Battle.
Thank you.

- Shot Online Golf Battle Team -