08/11 Update Information

Hello, golfers!
We are Shot Online: Golf Battle.

Here is the information regarding the 08/11 (Wed) Update.

■ Bug fixed
1. The issue where the game would keep loading indefinitely when an ad stopped being viewed in the middle was fixed.
2. The error message that continuously appeared when re-entering the game was fixed.
3. The issue where the hole was not recognized after an eagle shot in FLORENCE-HOLE was fixed.
4. The issue where some videos in the Replay > Golf Broadcast tab could not be given a star rating was fixed.
5. The issue where the game would restart when immediately opening a case currently being opened while there was an additional case in the queue was fixed.
6. The issue of being moved to the lobby when reconnecting after playing a single mode (Skill mission, Lucky shot) was fixed.
7. The issue where the game could not continue when a shot was taken after replacing the ball in Survival mode was fixed.
8. The issue where a round UI indicating the distance from the hole was displayed in the air on some maps during an extended match was fixed.
9. The issue where the opponent's clan information was incorrectly displayed as my clan information in my replay list was fixed.

We hope you have a great time playing Shot Online: Golf Battle.
Thank you.

- Shot Online: Golf Battle Team -